Speaking is Gold! – A Communication Training.

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“It’s not the conflicts themselves, but how we handle them, that pose the problem.”

Some people avoid conflicts, while others quickly confront them. Some clash, while others smile and later regret not having had the courage to speak up.

We all have our own communication patterns, sometimes helpful and sometimes obstructive.

This seminar offers you the opportunity to explore and try out new approaches!

Learn to stand up for yourself without stepping on others’ toes. Learn to listen so that your conversation partner feels understood. Every conflict has the potential to bring people closer together – seize it!

Training Contents:

  • Awareness of your own communication behavior
  • Perception and use of voice and body language to optimize your impact (congruence, presence, authenticity)
  • Targeted use of body language for improved communication
  • Conducting conversations with different interlocutors/navigating hierarchical structures
  • Convincing and clear communication in challenging situations
  • Small talk/finding conversation starters
  • Fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication
  • Psychodramatic techniques for conflict resolution
  • Forum theater

Participants in this communication training develop a repertoire to communicate confidently, authentically, and effectively. Through interactive and practical methods within a nurturing environment, participants engage in diverse communication scenarios, receiving tailored feedback to foster continual growth. They are gently guided to explore beyond their comfort zones, enabling them to refine new communication strategies and approach future interactions with confidence and enthusiasm.



This seminar is aimed at individuals or teams looking to improve their communication in the workplace, or in a new leadership role, or preparing for an upcoming leadership position.

Maximum number of participants: 8 people.

Limiting the number of participants to eight allows for intensive focus on each individual, guiding everyone through the necessary steps for their personal development.


Duration: 2 Days