Attention: Spotlight !

– An Extraordinary Presentation Training
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Whatever you want to bring into the spotlight thematically, you always present yourself with it. „Attention: Spotlight!“ enhances your physical and verbal expressiveness, your authenticity, and presence. Playfully, your personal profile is refined, you develop your own authentic presentation style, and learn to embody confidence in the truest sense of the word.

Compelling Presentation

  • Training in assertiveness with body and voice
  • Strengthening self-confidence even in difficult situations
  • Improvement of breathing and speaking techniques (pauses, volume, emphasis, pace, clarity)
  • Comprehensive, differentiated feedback on your impact and charisma
  • Training in self-perception and perception of others
  • Strengthening your profile through authentic body signals and discovering your personal touch
  • Flexibility and coherence in verbal expression
  • Handling stage fright and nervousness

Participants acquire a skill set to present confidently, personally, and professionally. In a supportive environment, participants engage in practical interactive methods in various presentation situations, receiving individual feedback to facilitate their ongoing development. Participants are gently encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, allowing them to practice new behaviors and approach future presentation settings with strength and motivation.

Limiting the number of participants to eight allows for intensive focus on each individual, guiding everyone through the necessary steps for their personal development.


Duration: 2 Days

Target Audience: Anybody who wants to improve her or his presentation style