Female Empowerment

Exklusiv-Training für Frauen

In my more than 10 years of practice as a trainer, I can clearly state: Women underestimate themselves greatly and have much more difficulties in appearing confident than men – despite statistically having better school and university degrees. This needs to change. Too many talented and highly educated women remain stuck at lower levels of the career ladder. No company can afford this nowadays.

This seminar aims to specifically empower women to:

  • Assert themselves confidently (in male-dominated domains)
  • Lead teams with confidence
  • Gather the courage to take on leadership responsibilities
  • Speak up and articulate viewpoints clearly and rhetorically
  • Occupy space
  • Say no and set boundaries
  • Speak and present confidently in front of people
  • Network and support each other
  • Navigate difficult situations in the workplace
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Create an empowering mindset

Dear women, the world needs you. Please step out of the shadow of men, show yourselves, raise your voices, take responsibility!

Target Audience:
Women at all levels of hierarchy