Peak Performance – A Charisma Training

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You are bold. You make decisions. You drive change. Yet, if you’re honest with yourself, there’s a realization that sometimes you don’t quite “connect” as you’d like. And it’s not just about presentation. It’s about authenticity and emotional intelligence.

Many have professional competence, but few possess charisma. Charismatic individuals persuade because they have conviction. They exude charisma because they embody what they say. They embody competence because they know their abilities and use them effectively. They have integrated values, goals, visions, and their own expression.

Do you know how you come across to others? Are you aware of your body language? Can you empathize with others? What values guide your actions?

The Approach

You navigate various stages in your professional life and must perform professionally in different roles. PEAK PERFORMANCE harnesses this symbolism and uses theatrical techniques. Through theater roles, it allows you to explore beloved, unloved, and unknown roles within yourself, giving them voice, physicality, and emotion, and applying them situationally in your professional life. Confidence is achieved through conscious self-awareness. Taking this step is a risk. PEAK PERFORMANCE is an experience at the edge.



Developing your own profile: identifying strengths and development opportunities

Recognizing personal guidelines and values

Comprehensive, nuanced feedback on your impact and presence

Training self-awareness and perception of others

Using body language to optimize your impact (congruence, presence, authenticity)

Strategic use of body language for enhanced communication

Status games

Training assertiveness with body and voice

Speech and breathing techniques (voice, modulation, dynamics)



This personal development training is designed for executives who aim to cultivate personal strength as their next step.

Maximum number of participants: 8 people.

Limiting the number of participants to eight allows for intensive focus on each individual, guiding everyone through the necessary steps for their personal development.