Myself: Empowered – Individual coaching

Discover your full potential with customized individual coaching!

You are professionally competent and do your job well! But sometimes you don’t come across the way you want to, you often feel insecure in your interactions with other people or sometimes you simply feel lost in this life with its many demands.

In individual coaching, you have the opportunity to take a close look at your behavior in a protected setting and try out new things. With the help of conscious body language, conversation techniques and inner attitude, you will learn to stand up for yourself without stepping on other people’s toes. You will learn to master supposedly difficult situations more effectively. Whether in preparation for presentations, appraisal interviews, negotiation meetings or much more.
Try out new things, I will accompany you to new shores.

For people who want to come into their own power.

For people who want to feel safe in their bodies.

For people who want to learn to speak more confidently in front of people.

For people who want to come across more convincingly.

For people who want to learn to make their point clearly.

For people who want to learn how to relate to others.

For people who interact with people.

I offer individual coaching both digitally and in person.