Team development and supervision

The foundation for high-performance teams!

Teams where a healthy culture of mistakes prevails and where all team members feel secure, trusting each other, are more efficient, as evidenced by numerous studies.

Trust does not reside solely in the mind – when the mind functions well, it is a consequence of trust that exists throughout the entire system, in the body through relaxation and well-being.

Easier said than done, right? Everyday life, stress, conflicts tighten our bodies, we feel insecure, are on guard, skeptical of colleagues and supervisors, resulting in tense work atmospheres that hinder smooth and efficient workflow. So, what can be done? How can trust be established and practiced? How can we learn to feel comfortable and trust ourselves and others?

In my training, through group dynamic, theatre-based, playful exercises, you will experience what it means to feel and embody trust. This “embodiment” forms the basis for a relaxed and trusting environment where you learn to take care of yourself, navigate conflict situations with confidence, and unite as a team behind your shared goal.

What does the day entail?

  • Physical tools to sharpen and strengthen self-awareness.
  • Group dynamic exercises to enhance the sense of unity.
  • Nonviolent communication tools to articulate your needs effectively and to listen and ask questions to truly understand the needs of others.
  • Developing a shared vision.
  • Relaxation and activation exercises to achieve a collective „flow.”

Do you have a specific conflict or topic? In team coaching, I support you in rediscovering and reconnecting. I assist you in clarifying roles and responsibilities, openly discussing conflicts, and finding solutions. I accompany you in defining your goals and finding joy and motivation for the journey ahead. We tailor the day precisely to your needs so that you get exactly what you require!

Target audience: Teams in the process of finding themselves, teams in conflict