Team Experience Theater

The Special Team Event

Do you want to strengthen your team and create experiences that bond and foster trust? Theater is the perfect method for this.
Theater is fun and enhances awareness of oneself and the group. You learn to pay attention to each other, to pick up or set impulses. You learn to say yes to each other, to react spontaneously, and to improvise. Each individual learns to step out of themselves and discover new facets of themselves.
An unforgettable experience that brings your team closer together.

Empowerment: Group dynamic exercises to strengthen the sense of self and team spirit
Respect and meeting on an equal footing: Status exercises and small scenes
Reflecting impact: Mindfulness of body language from myself and from others
Group flow: Improvisation games to strengthen the “yes and” policy (instead of “yes, but”)
Space of possibilities: Body and voice in a completely different way
Leaving the comfort zone together (works wonders!)
Humorous intervention: Theatrically depict and caricature everyday work situations
Forum theatre: Reenact (conflict) situations and consciously intervene and change
Mirror of the current personal state plus finding new solutions: “Social Presencing Theatre” – Working with body sculptures in space
Reflection: What do we learn from the shared experience for everyday work life?

I design this one or two-day workshop entirely according to your wishes. Depending on your needs, connections can be made to everyday work life and the learnings from the training can be integrated with my support.
For teams looking to perform even better. For teams wanting to strengthen their team spirit. For teams wanting to have fun together. For teams looking to find new ways and new solutions.

Duration: 1 Day
Target audience: Teams